- Model TG7000 Tier 2 - Tub Grinder



The TG7000 packs innovation and power for large land clearing projects and organic/wood waste processing applications. It processes through wood waste quickly with the exclusive Vermeer duplex drum to minimize maintenance, a PT tech wet clutch with microprocessor to automatically limit torque when necessary, and a patented cutting system outfitted with 11 hammers and 22 double-bolt cutter blocks. Optional climate-controlled cab and grapple loader makes the TG7000 a one-man operation to help reduce labor costs and increase jobsite efficiency.

  • Standard radio remote controls allow most machine functions to be operated from the convenience and comfort of a mobile loader.
  • Handle more material with the continuous undermill conveyor system that resists clogging.
  • Reduce quantity and distance of thrown objects with a low profile tub cover and rotor deflector. 

The Vermeer TG7000 tub grinder is proof of that. It’s loaded with a potent combination of innovative ideas and classic Vermeer features, all designed to make short work of your recycling and land-clearing projects. Waste just doesn’t last long when the TG7000 is on the job.

The demands of the industry have been rising steadily for years, so we’ve made sure the TG7000 stayed ahead of the game. Building on more than a decade of grinder research and development, we’ve packed this machine with the power to meet your toughest challenges.

The TG7000 uses our exclusive duplex drum, a patented cutting system that offers the latest hammer technology, the most convenient replacement procedures, and the performance you’re looking for. Eleven hammers and 22 double-bolt cutter blocks work together to increase your productivity and slash maintenance time.

Everything about the TG7000 has been designed for top performance. Every feature is here to help you do your job—and not one has been wasted.

Control panel. Providing a digital readout for the microprocessor and the CAT engine, the control panel gives the operator real time performance information and full instrumentation and diagnostic ports for monitoring systems and troubleshooting.

Optional cab and loader. An optional loader with a 29.5’ (9 m) reach has the ability to lift materials up 12,000 lb (5403 kg) with a multi-tine grapple. The climate controlled cab provides exceptional visibility of the jobsite and helps enhance operator comfort.

Duplex drum. The TG7000 is available with the exclusive duplex drum, featuring the latest technology in hammer design and replacement procedures. Equipped with reversible hammers and cutter blocks, this system offers nearly double the life of single sided designs

Transportation package. A gross weight of 73,500 lb (27,433 kg), or 84,500 lb (38,329 kg) with loader, the TG7000 has a 10' (3 m), 20,000 lb (9091 kg) triple axle spread for maximum allowed weight and transportation in the 48 continental U.S. states.

PT Tech Wet Clutch. A gear reduction clutch offers high productivity with a balance of increased torque to the mill and high efficiency due to imited slippage. Clutch is equipped with a 2-year/2000 hour limited warranty.

Non-bridging tub design. Tub dimensions allow operators to load large amounts of material, while the patented, conical, Thrown Object Restraint System (TORS) assists material flow while helping to reduce the quantity and distance of

A continuous undermill conveyor system. Designed to handle more production with less clogging, the 48” (122 cm) wide conveyor belt has a maximum speed of 860 fpm (262 m/min) and a height capability of 18’ (5.5 m).

General (without loader/cab)

Weight: 73,500 lb (27,433 kg)
Weight at axles (estimated): 46,000 lb (20,865 kg)
Tongue Weight: 27,500 lb (10,264 kg)
Length (transport): 42.5' (13 m)
Length (operation): 62.6' (19.1 m)
Width: 11.9' (3.6 m)
Height: 13.5' (4.1 m)
General (with loader/cab)
Weight: 84,500 lb (31,539 kg)
Weight at axles (estimated): 50,000 lb (18,662 kg)
Tongue Weight (estimated): 34,500 lb (12,877 kg)
Length (transport): 42.5' (13 m)
Length (operation): 62.6' (19.1 m)
Width: 11.9' (3.6 m)
Height (operation): 18.75' (5.7 m)
Height (transport): 13.5' (4.1 m)

Drive Line

Electronically controlled hydraulic transmission
PTO: PT Tech microprocessor controlled wet clutch with gear reduction and integrated torque limiter
Drive line: 10C driveshaft


Full-functional operator’s station
Radio remote control
Radio remote control functions:
Tub rotation (on and off)
Auto tub rotation (on and off)
Throttle control
Conveyor height
Engine fan
Engine stop


Axle rating: 20,000 lb (9072 kg) per axle
Axle: Triple axle with spring or air ride suspension
Tires (option 1): 6-425/65R 22.5 super singles
Ground clearance (option 1): 12.5' (32 cm)
Tires (option 2): 12-255/70R 22.5 radial duals
Ground clearance (option 2): 9.1' (23 cm)
Brakes: Air-actuated drum


Model: Caterpillar 3412E
Aspiration: Twin turbocharged and intercooled
No. of cylinders: 12
Horsepower (gross): 1000 hp (746 kW)
Electrical system: 24 V
Fuel tank capacity: 500 gal (1893 L)
Fuel consumption at full load: 52 gph (197 L/h)
Operation range (full load): 9.6 hours (approximate)


Pump type: Hydrostatic
Diameter (base of tub): 10' (3 m)
Diameter (tub opening): 13' (4 m)
Depth: 4.6' (1.4 m)
Wall thickness (T1 steel): .25' (.64 cm)
Loading height: 11.3' (3.4 m)
Tub drive tensioner: Automatic
hydraulically-tensioned mechanical slide
Tub agitators: 4
Tub rollers (Qty.): 8 carrier and 8 guide

Duplex Drum

Millbox opening: 34' x 72' (86 x 183 cm)
Drum diameter: 22' (56 cm)
Tip diameter: 31' (79 cm)
Drum cutting length: 63.5' (161 cm)
Drum speed: 1280 rpm
Number of hammers: 11
Number of cutters: 22
Cutter block types: Block 2 bolt narrow - 2.75' x 5' (7 x 13 cm)
Center retention pin: 2' (5 cm)
Number of wipers: 4


Number of screens: 1' or 2.8' A/R 400 (3 cm or 7cm)
Anvil: Replaceable
Number of sides: 4
Screen area: 4162 in2 (26,851 cm2)

Discharge Conveyor

Length: 23' (7 m)
Conveyor belt width: 48' (122 cm)
Belt design: Crowned steel design lagging and taperlock
Belt speed (max): 860 fpm (262 m/min)
Load Height:
Minimum: 12.2' (3.7 m)
Maximum: 18' (5.5 m)


Pedestal/cab rotation: 370°
Reach: 29.5' (9 m)
Lifting capacity: 10' (3 m) radius: 12,000 lb (5,403 kg)
Full reach: 4,000 lb (1,814 kg)
Grapple rotation: Continuous 360°
Grapple type: Multi-tine
Grapple weight: 1,150 lb (523 kg)

Cab (with loader unit only)

Heat and air conditioning
Windows type: .38' (9.5 mm) LEXAN
Front intrusion guard
AM/FM CD (optional)
Pilot operated seat mounted joystick controls
Six character, multi-function LED display
Front window wiper / washer


Air compressor: Ingersoll Rand
Motor: 12.5 hp (9 kW) Kohler
Max psi: 175 psi @ 6.4 cfm
(12.3 kg2/cm @ .18 m3/min)
Capacity: 30 gal (114 L)
Screen Sizes
Extended warranty
Special paint

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