Sierra Sales Double Wall Plastic Tanks

Vertical and Upright Polyethylene Tanks


Sierra Sales delivering two 3500 gallon HDLPE double wall safe tanks to a Remediation project for the Dept of Energy where we shipped another project's large XLPE single wall flat bottom bulk storage tank, saving both projects transport costs. While fuel continues to soar, you can bet we will coordinate 'best in class' shipping to you or the job site. Via our freight division, we can ship 'fully dedicated' direct to the project or end-user, or with other goods to maximize efficiency and minimize freight costs.


Polyethylene flat bottom, dome top vertical
tanks have capacities from 22 gallons to the worlds' largest 16,500 gallons. Safe double wall tank systems are available to 6,500 gallons. Poly cone or conical bottom tanks are available in 15 to 11,500 gallons.


These safe polyethylene chemical storage tanks are rotationally molded, one piece, seamless in a variety of resins. High density polyethylene, high density linear poly, crosslink (or crosslinked) poly; HDPE, HDXLPE, XLPE, HDLPE. Each resin has its own specific characteristics and use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, wastewater, petro-chemical, and other related industries.

They are available in verticals, horizontals, cone bottom, uprights, and safe polyethylene double wall tanks, systems, and poly containment basins.

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