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- Model VP - Pneumatic Pumps


The VP range is a cost effective, ATEX certified, reliable, automatic and long lasting solution to leachate, condensate and contaminated water control problemsVP pumps are fully automatic, self-regulating and require no external form of control.The VP range has a pump to suit most requirements: from the standard VP4 bottom entry to a top loading version, a narrow VP3, to the short pattern VP4 for those situations where you are trying to achieve as low a depth as possible.

  • Leachate Wells.
  • Combined Gas and Leachate Extraction Wells.
  • Condensate Knockout pots.
  • Groundwater remediation boreholes.
  • Leachate lagoons (pontoon arrangement).

  • Depth of well.
  • Pipe system design, i.e. pipe sizing to minimise friction losses.
  • Recharge rate of the well.
  • Air pressure available over the total head losses.
  • Submergence depth to pump inlet.

We have a modern well equipped pump maintenance and testing facility, where we carry out servicing and product development. We install and maintain pumps and pumping systems for all of the UK landfill operators at locations throughout the UK. Our pumps are also widely used and specified in many overseas projects by our international clients.

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