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The 2.8mm VJ-Advance delivers all the features you would expect in a high-quality video borescope at a price that makes it accessible to almost anyone. The 2.8mm VJ-ADV is ideally suited to accessing the smallest areas you need to inspect. No other company offers a smaller videoscope with full joystick-controlled, 4-way articulation. The 2.8mm diameter VJ-Advance video borescope is available in 1.0m length.

Joystick Articulation Control

Joystick Articulation Control with the VJ-ADV
The VJ-ADV provides precise control of the articulating tip through the use of a thumb-activated joystick. This joystick responds to the slightest movement of your thumb and allows full movement of the camera tip in all directions.

Combined with a trigger-activated image capture button and thumb-activated video recording button, the joystick allows easy one handed control of all key functions

High Navigation Ability

The distal tip of the insertion tube on the VJ-ADV has high navigation functionality
The rigid end of the bending section is only 15mm long. This short rigid section aids in navigating the insertion tube through curved or complicated structures.

Enhanced Features
The VJ-ADV has many enhanced features

  • The VJ-ADV incorporates several new features, including:
  • Stainless steel-braided insertion tube.
  • The ability to record audio annotation along with video through the use of a mini-microphone.
  • 2X digital zoom to magnify the image when you are unable to move the camera tip closer to the desired target.
  • 'Flash' image capture that allows you to record an image of a very dark area by releasing a burst of super-intense light from the LEDs.

Stand Alone Imaging Unit

The VJ-ADV is a standalone imaging unit
The VJ-ADV is an all-in-one system that combines an articulating video borescope with an on-board imaging system. As you conduct an inspection still images can be captured with the click of your index finger and a button next to the joystick allows you to control video recording.

The control panel allows you to review stored images and video on the built-in 3.5' LCD display. As an option, you can view or record images and video on a laptop via the USB port or plug-in a conventional monitor

Battery Powered Operation

The battery pack on the VJ-ADV, which makes the VJ-ADV very convenient to places without access to electrical outlets.
The VJ-ADV is fully portable and weighs only 23 ounces, including the required four AA batteries. Run time is typically 1.5 hours before the batteries need to be replaced. Because off the shelf disposable batteries are used, there is no risk of down time waiting for a recharging cycle.

Adjustable Brightness

The VJ-ADV has adjustable brightness
The LEDs that illuminate the camera tip can be easily adjusted to one of four different brightness levels, or they can be turned off. This feature prevents light washout and helps to always provide a clear image.


  • Outer Diameter: 2.8mm
  • Length (meter/inch): 1.0m (39.4″)
  • Exterior: Polyethylene Tube
  • Waterproof: Insertion Tube and Tip
  • Chemical Compatibility: Machine Oil, Heating Oil, Engine Oil, 3.5% Concentrated Saltwater, Diesel Fuel


  • Field of View: 70° / 70°
  • Aperture: F 5.3
  • Depth of Field: 4mm to 40mm
  • Illumination Method: 2 Super High-Intensity White LEDs


  • Articulation Range: 360° (over 90° in every direction)
  • Articulation Control: Joystick with “Direct Control” Mechanism
  • Rigid Distal End Length: 12mm
  • LCD Monitor: 3.5 inch Color Digital LCD
  • LED Output Adjustment: 5 Levels
  • GAIN Adjustment: 5 Levels
  • Still Capture / Record Function: Still Image / Time-lapse recording (video)


  • Video Output: 2.5mm Stereo Mini Jack for RCA Video Output (NTSC/PAL)
  • Terminal USB Output: Mini B Terminal Ver. 2.0 Video Capture Output (Includes Driver/Viewer Software)
  • Terminal Audio Output: Monaural Flat Jack for hands-free Earphone
  • Terminal Microphone Input: Monaural Flat Jack for hands-free Microphone


  • Storage Media: MicroSD Card (Max. 2GB)
  • Still Image: JPEG 400×400 pixels
  • Video: Motion JPEG (AVI file extension) 400×400 pixels 15-30fps – Voice recording function via the attached microphone
  • Storage Capacity (with 1GB MicroSD Card): Still Image: Max. 1,000 pictures Movie Recording: Approx. 2 hours (Normal Mode) / Approx. 9 hours (Time-lapse Mode)


  • Still Image: Thumbnail 9-image Display / Full Screen Display
  • Video: Play, Pause


  • Image Adjustment: Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Sharpness
  • Delete Stored Image:
  • Time and Date Setting:
  • Language: Japanese / English
  • USB Mass Storage:
  • Operating Temp. (Insertion Tube): In Air: -30°c – 60°c (-22°F – 140°F) In Liquid: 10°c – 30°c (50°F – 86°F)
  • Power Supply: AC: 100V – 240V DC: 6V (4 AA alkaline batteries)
  • Operating Time: Max. 2 hours (with 4 AA alkaline batteries)
  • Weight: 480g (without batteries at 1.5m length)
  • Carrying Case: Hard-sided

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