- Sewer Flushers & Hydro Excavators


If you are looking to locate underground utilities the safe way you can give us a call and we send one of our hydro-excavators to safely expose what utility you are looking for. Walco Industries uses a 'soft touch' approach to finding utilities by using medium pressure water and high CFM vacuum to remove soils and over burden with danger to the workers. If it's a plugged pipe that needs to be cleaned we can do that too. Our trucks are equipped with a flushing system that can clean any size of pipe.


All of our operators are GROUND DISTURBANCE trained and carry current POST (petroleum oriented safety training) certification and have gone through an in depth Walco industries training program. Contact us and give us the opportunity to help you out on your next excavation job.

Combination Unit
3000 CFM combination unit, 2000PSI @ 65 gpm, flushing pump with a 10' telescopic 8' boom,  Fully Equipped.

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