- Model SBR/PKG WWTP - Sequencing Batch Reactor



HTI's experienced professional team can design and build a complete SBR or package WWTP inculding biosolids conditioning. We utilize the latest technology and proven components that have been tried and tested over many years of experience. Operational services are also available. Our systems are available for outright purchase or through various lease programs to fit your individual needs.

  • Engineered & Designed to treat a variety of influent loadings or mandated discharge parameters
  • Utilizing the 'Last Almost Forever' features of; ' Stainless Steel Areation Piping
  • Non-Clog Wide Band Medium-Fine Bubble Diffusers
  • Ultra High Strength Precast Concrete Tank System
  • B-2 Liquid Lime Stabilization System
  • Ultra Quiet/ Long Life Submersible Blowers

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