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Ingenia Polymers Corp.

White Masterbatch for Flexible Packaging



Our white Masterbatches are formulated with high-end pigments that ensure optimum opacity and the right shade of white for your specific needs. Our white Masterbatch products are used extensively throughout the thermoplastics industry and can be engineered to incorporate a wide range of additives such as processing aids, ultraviolet stabilizers, slips, antiblocks, antistats and more.

  • Base resins: Polyolefins (PE & PP) and Styrenics (PS)
  • Highly consistent quality
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Proprietary and customer-specific formulations
  • Free flowing pellets
  • FDA compliant formulations available

  • Agricultural films
  • Agricultural films
  • BOPP
  • Food packaging
  • Grocery bags
  • Industrial bags
  • Lamination films
  • Mailer envelopes / films
  • Medical / pharmaceutical films
  • Merchandise bags
  • Multi-layer films
  • Personal care packaging
  • Protective packaging
  • Stretch and shrink films
  • Trash bags / can liners

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