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- Model 100S/200S/400S - 3D Wind Doppler LiDAR


The WINDCUBE 3D LIDAR product range is a versatile instrument that can address various needs in the Wind Power, climate research, severe weather and meteorology. With a range from 100m to 3.5 km, 6 km or 10km, multiple scanning patterns choices, high resolution wind data and aerosol structure capability, the WINDCUBE 100S/200S/400S is the ultimate 3D Doppler LIDAR in the industry.

  • Wind measurement to 10 km
  • Full 3D fast scan
  • Unattended and continuous operations
  • Flexible configurations
  • Ideal for short term campaigns

Site assessment: to determinate the location of a future wind farm by predefining the best location for LIDAR for the further site assessment, onshore site assessment (horizontal uncertainty reduction) and offshore site assessment from an on-shore location.

Offshore Power curve: to measure the wind for power curve verification, from the transition piece of an offshore turbine.

Wake measurement: to capture real-time wake effects turbine-to-turbine, farm-to-farm. If combined with a Wind Iris turbine-mounted LIDAR data, it provides a comprehensive characterization of wake effects, at short and long distances, simultaneously.

Forecasting: to improve short-term and ramp event forecasting due to the capability of measuring wind several kilometers ahead of the wind farm.

The scanning Windcube family uses the same pulsed Doppler technology as the well-known and widely used Windcube vertical profiler. Fiber technology used in all Windcube Lidars is designed to meet strong operational requirements and optimal instrument compactness. The modularity allows use of the Windcube 100S/200S/400S with different scanning scenarios (PPI, RHI, LOS, DBS) adapted to multiple applications.
Windcube 100S/200S/400S offer the most advanced technique to measure the wind components on a large scale for short term campaigns or long term operations to reduce uncertainties, understand physical phenomena (such as wakes) or improve forecasting.

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