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- Model 400S-AT - 3D Wind Doppler LiDAR


The Windcube 400S-AT Lidar provides an operational answer for wind shear hazards: it scans in real time all potential hazard zones within the airport air space, detects wind shears to 10km range, and sends automatic alerts to air traffic controllers.

  • Real time detection of wind shears to 10 km in the glide slope
  • Automatic alert generation with Rainbow 5 software
  • 2nd generation full fiber optics 3D wind Lidar
  • Low equipment and maintenance cost

As global passenger traffic is set to increase by 5.2% per year until 2029, according to the latest edition of ACI & DKMA’s Global Traffic Forecast Report, a total figure of 14 billion passengers a year will be attained by 2029. Airports must be ready to deal with this increase in traffic without compromising safety.

Wind shears have been identified by ICAO as a serious danger to aircraft during takeoff and landing. They are particularly hazardous in the glide slope and near the runways, in the lowest level of the atmosphere (up to 500m).

An increasing number of airports are considering the use of Lidars as primary or complementary wind sensors in order to build robust, all-weather wind shear monitoring solutions, able to detect wind hazards also in dry weather conditions.

The Windcube 400S-AT is a new generation Lidar designed for airport safety and low level wind shear alerts. It detects wind shears within the ICAO recommended area of attention around the airport. Depending on the specific configuration of the airport, one Lidar may be sufficient to cover this area.

The fibered technology used in all Windcube Lidars is designed to meet demanding operational requirements and optimal instrument compactness. This instrument offers a high degree of flexibility on the geometry of the scanning patterns thanks to its fast and highly accurate scanner head. Its endless motion design, coupled with Leosphere WindForge Lidar control software, ensures total control to focus on the monitoring, which is relevant to each airport situation.

Leosphere has selected Rainbow 5 wind shear alert software by SELEX to process our accurate wind measurement data into a robust decision-making tool for air traffic control:

1. The Lidar acquires highly resolved 3D wind data,accessible to meteorological services for short-term forecasting of wind shear phenomena.

2. 3D wind data are transferred in real time to a Rainbow 5 server, which computes wind shears and generates automatic wind shear alerts that can be pushed to the ATC tower or Met service displays.

3. Integration architecture can be customized and is compatible with other wind shear sensors for data-fusion.

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