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The Workir is an industrial FT-IR spectrometer designed for on-line process monitoring. Derived from the highly successful Bomem MB Series of laboratory FT-IR spectrometers, it provides spectroscopic performance superior to that of other industrial units. This instrument is particularly well suited for composition determination of organic process streams in industries such as refining, petrochemicals, polymers, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutics, and foods. The Workir is designed for use with extractive sampling systems. The sample interface is compatible with Axiom’s Axiot Process FT-IR sampling accessories.

Since the Workir is based on the MB series, you can develop analytical methods on an MB spectrometer in the laboratory and transfer them to the Workir without adjustment. Methods will also transfer directly from one Workir to another. The instrument is permanently aligned at the factory. Because of its extreme stability, methods never require adjustment, even after instrument maintenance.

The Workir ’s compact, flush-mount chassis fits economically into either rack-mount or wall-mount systems. It is extremely sturdy, and can be operated in any orientation.

The Workir comes with CAAP (Continuous Automated Analysis Program), a part of the Bomem family of industrial software. CAAP allows the user to set up fully automated routines for run-time analyses. It is perfect for sequencing the analyses, controlling the sample system valves and pumps, plotting trends, and performing a vast choice of data archiving and data communication tasks.

CAAP has a comprehensive man-machine interface to accommodate all categories of users, including operators, maintenance staff, and system designers. It displays both text and graphs of measured concentrations, alarms, analyzer status messages, trends, and spectra. It is easily customized to your specific applications.

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