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Reduce the amount of time spent researching, understanding and applying global chemical regulatory requirements and ensure that safety data sheets and other documents are compliant with country-specific regulations. Improving global hazard communication has never been easier.

Business decisions related to the manufacturing and marketing of products around the globe require comprehensive, up-to-date chemical and regulatory information to quickly meet legal requirements and provide accurate documentation for every product depending on its composition, where it is produced and how it is used and distributed. Ariel Expert Rules, Phrases and Templates offer an end-to-end solution for applying automated logic to the substance database in SAP® EHS Management resulting in complete safety data sheets and labels that satisfy country-specific regulations. The Ariel Rules Builder, combined with the power of Ariel global chemical regulatory and rules content, multi-lingual phrases and templates, give companies the ability to:

  • Improve the time it takes to introduce new products to market or existing products to new markets
  • Manage increased regulatory pressures and customer requirements
  • Enhance the quality of documentation by eliminating manual processes
  • Reduce the burden on the compliance professional
  • Decrease the risk of delays or fines due to inaccurate documentation

As they are designed to help ensure regulatory compliance for final products, the Rules can be run against mixtures and components. The Rules programs make determinations using basic data such as physicalchemical properties, toxicological test results and safety data in the same way an author would. The end result is automated population of each section of an SDS and other documents that are mandated by a regulation.

The Rules eliminate variations in SDS authoring, as well as human error, and ensure that the countryspecific requirements for various outputs are met

Using Ariel Multi-lingual Phrases also saves time and improves the quality of documentation. Available in dozens of languages, Phrases provide an efficient method for global companies to simplify the creation and authoring of SDSs, labels and other documents by automatically translating standard health and safety phrases into multiple languages. The library provides thousands of phrases, including titles of regulations; Risk and Safety, and GHS phrases with hazard and precautionary statements, classifications and classification categories; value-type phrases such as skin notations, ceiling values, TWA, OEL phrases; and exposure scenario phrases.

Regional and country-specific SDS and label document templates round out the solution, further simplifying the process for creating consistent and compliant regulatory documentation.

Expert Rules are available through a variety of Rules sets, enabling subscriptions to all, or portions of, the Rules package. Rule sets are segmented by geography or regulation and include:

  • North America: Covers US, Canada and Mexico
  • Europe: Covers all 27 EU members plus Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Asia Pacific: Covers Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand
  • All Regions
    • Composition determination rules
    • Chemical inventory status determination
  • GHS: Includes classification and labelling of mixtures according to the UN Purple Book and accounts for country specific variations in US, Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, European Union and Taiwan.
  • Transport Classification: perform transportation classification according to the following five regulations:
    • ADR: European agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road
    • RID: Regulations concerning the International carriage of dangerous goods by rail
    • IATA: International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations
    • IMDG: IMO International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
    • 49CFR: US Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulations
  • Ariel Phrase Assignment Rules: These Rules complete the package, resulting in a fully automated solution for all sections of a safety data sheet. Ariel Phrase Assignment Rules are only available with the Ariel Rules Builder application.

Easy-to-use, Flexible Rules Builder

The Ariel Rules Builder features a user-friendly interface eliminating the need for IT expertise while still providing SAP EHSM users with flexibility and control over the way Rules are applied. This application is packaged with the Ariel Phrase Assignment Rules.

Ariel MSDS Multilingual Phrases

This Phrase Library is available in three language packages:

  • Western European Languages
  • Central and Eastern European Languages
  • Asian Languages

Ariel ES Phrase Library

To meet REACH requirements, the Ariel Exposure Scenario Phrases can be used for creating and translating Exposure Scenarios and the creation of eSDSs (Extended Safety Data Sheets). ES Phrases are provided in the following language packages:

  • Western European Languages
  • Central and Eastern European Languages

Ariel Product Safety Regulatory Phrases

These phrases are packaged according to the regional Ariel Product Safety regulatory modules. Customers can subscribe to a single region or multiple regions, where the regions available correspond to the Ariel Product Safety subscription:

  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America

For a detailed list of specific Rules, Phrase types and languages, contact a 3E Company sales representative.


Ariel solutions for SAP EHSM include regional and contry-specific SDS document templates that can be tailored to your company’s requirements.

Templates are available for:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Implementation Services

The Ariel team of experienced consultants provides on-site implementation and training on Ariel solutions for SAP EHSM. It is required that regulatory content has been populated to the SAP EHSM specification database.

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