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- Operation and Maintenance Services


ABCO Water Systems is proud to offer operation and maintenance contracts whereby ABCO assumes the responsibility for the correct functionality of your treatment plant(s).

Upon commencement of such a contract, ABCO opts to install sophisticated monitoring equipment as an add-on to the existing plant. This equipment allows for the possibility of 24 hour monitoring of all aspects of plant operation. Furthermore, a qualified service person conducts regular services on the plant, as well as providing rapid support in the case of an emergency.

Weekly reports on the plant?s performance are generated and submitted to all O&M clients, and comprehensive monthly reports are submitted prior to any progress payment. Monthly reports contain a summary of all data in the weekly reports, as well as all service reports, emergency notifications and rectification reports, water analysis of the quality of both influent and effluent, and recommendations on any variations of the plant that may be required to maintain optimal performance.

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