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ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd

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ABPmer operates a fully mobile survey team which undertakes near-shore hydrographic and field investigations throughout the UK.  The team of technical specialists carries an extensive range of instrumentation for bathymetric surveying, 2D and 3D flow monitoring, water levels, multi-parameter water sampling, grab sampling and beach profiling.This is backed up by a fully equipped sediment analysis laboratory and computer facilities for data analysis, management and presentation and the automated chart production.

We can undertake intensive short-term surveys as well as long-term monitoring programmes. All our surveys include a comprehensive design, planning and management service. We provide:

  • Bathymetric surveying using 'Hypack' software - single and multi-beam on request;
  • Current profiling;
  • Real-team kinematic (RTK)GPS topographic survey;
  • Vessel dynamic measurements for under-keel clearance and ship movement;
  • Wave measurement.

The collection and analysis of sediment, water and biological samples can form an important component of both baseline studies and long term monitoring campaigns. We undertake:

  • Benthic species - infauna and epifauna;
  • Sediment and sediment cores;
  • Vegetation;
  • Water quality - pollutants, suspended solids, salinity and turbidity.

Our sediment laboratory and associate arrangements provide for the undertaking of a range of analysis, presentation and reporting to include bespoke programming solutions and automatic report generation. Parameters analysed:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Faunal identification/classification
  • Sediment magnetics;
  • Sediment mineralogy;
  • Sediment particle size analysis (PSA;
  • Sediment salinity;
  • Sulphate reducing bacteria;
  • Total organic carbon;
  • Total petroleum hydrocarbon;
  • Total suspended solids (TSS).

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