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Numerical models are a sophisticated decision-support tool. They can provide the user with a wealth of information from natural processes and short-term impacts to consequences over the longer term.ABPmer's experienced modelling team provides a comprehensive service to support hydraulic investigations of river, estuary, coastal and marine systems, offering descriptions of flows, waves, sediment transport and water quality.We maintain a wide range of sophisticated modelling software to provide the best available solution to meet project requirements.Thanks to our extensive experience of marine and coastal assessment we maintain numerous hydrodynamic models covering UK waters and many overseas areas.

  • Aggregate extraction
  • Basin flushing
  • Beach and coastal evolution/prediction
  • Cable/pipeline burial
  • Dredging and spoil disposal
  • Habitat creation
  • Installation of structures
  • Intake/Outfall Studies
  • Joint probability analysis of waves and water levels
  • Land reclamation
  • Managed realignment
  • Metocean analysis
  • Navigation channel design
  • Oil spill and contamination dispersion
  • Overtopping and flood risk assessment
  • Plume studies
  • Renewable energy deployment
  • Tidal flows
  • Wave behaviour in harbours and estuaries
  • Waves in deep water
  • Water quality

The primary suite of modelling platforms supported by the team include:

ASMITA-Empirical model that describes the characteristic areas of an estuary and it's evolution towards an equilibrium state following some perturbation to the system;

DELFT 3D-2D & 3D modelling tool from Delft Hydraulics to examine free surface flow regimes in estuaries and coasts;

LITPACK-1D DHI modelling to examine nearshore littoral processes and coastal evolution;

MIKE 3-3D DHI modelling tool for complex free surface flow regimes;

MIKE 11-1D modelling tool form Danish Hydraulics Institute (DHI) to examine hydraulic flows in open channel systems;

MIKE 21-2D DHI modelling tool to examine complex free surface flow regimes in estuaries and coasts including a Boussinesq wave model;

MIKE FM-2D & 3D DHI flexible mesh modelling tool used to examine complex free surface flow regime;

REGIME -Hybrid modelling tool to describe the equilibrium of an estuary and its future evolution following disturbance to the system;

XBeach -2D modelling tool for beach and nearshore morphodynamcis;

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