Stablex Canada inc.

Stablex Canada inc.

Acceptable Waste Service


Stablex's analytical resources and unique variety of chemical treatment and stabilization processes make possible the cost-effective, environmentally secure disposal of contaminated soils and a variety of hazardous waste streams.We also accept computer, telecommunication and other high-tech manufacturing wastes, often known as 'e-waste'. These waste streams may contain toxic substances such as lead or cadmium that require treatment and stabilization rendering them non hazardous to the environment.

  • Acids residues (liquids, solids, slurries)
  • Alkaline residues (liquids, solids, slurries)
  • Aqueous solutions
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Chemical oxygen demand (COD) vials
  • Chlor-alkali wastewater treatment sludges
  • Contaminated soils
  • Cyanides
  • Debris
  • Electric arc furnace dust (EAFD)
  • Electrical/electronic manufacturing waste
  • Filters
  • Foundry sand
  • Heavy metal compounds
  • Incinerator residues
  • Inorganic labpacks
  • Inorganic mercury compounds
  • Inorganic wastes containing less than 30% oil & grease
  • Inorganic wastes from chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Multi-source leachates
  • Oxidizers
  • Sandblast
  • Spent ferrous and nonferrous pickling liquors
  • Water treatment sludges

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