Accessible Environments Services


Inclusive design addresses the needs of a diverse and constantly changing population by making environments accessible to all. Inclusive design increases people’s freedom and improves equality by actively considering mobility, sensory and cognitive requirements. Our experts work across all sectors to ensure everything from buildings and unusual structures, transport and infrastructure, through to urban and rural areas do so without compromising other aspirations.

For example, signage and other wayfinding systems need to incorporate visual, tactile and audible elements, so that they cater for everyone – including people who are blind or partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing, and people with learning disabilities.

More inclusive, less risk

Developers and building owners need to be confident that properties and other assets are not only commercially successful, but meet their obligations – legal, social and moral. By considering inclusive design early on, then throughout the development process, we can future proof, reducing the need for retrofit or redesign at later stages.

International accessibility experience

Working on projects around the world, we know international and regional regulations inside-out. For the 2007 Cricket World Cup in the West Indies, we assessed the accessibility of stadia for staff, officials and spectators. Indeed, we also inform and shape these regulations. Arup is currently working with a government body in the Middle East to develop accessibility requirements for all modes of transport.

Our experience extends to listed buildings such as the Rothesay Pavilion, where an audit helped the client to define their brief for refurbishment. And many of our projects – including Central St Giles and The Library Building in London – have been given awards for their excellence.

Wherever we work, and whatever we’re working on, our aim remains the same: to resolve complex design issues and create environments that are accessible to all.

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