Accurate Corrosion Control Inc.

Accurate Corrosion Control Construction Services


Accurate Corrosion's Construction Services are staffed by cathodic protection (CP) professionals that have successfully completed thousands of cathodic protection construction projects since 1984. ACCI's construction personnel are operator qualified (ISNetworld, Veriforce, NACE), DOT compliant and confined space trained. Projects range in size and scope and have been completed in CA, NV, AZ, NM, TX and UT.

  • CP - Impressed Current (Underground or Water Applications)
    • Rectifiers and Junction Boxes
    • Solar Power Supplies
    • Deep Anode Beds
    • Conventional Anode Beds
    • Water Tanks, Basins, Water Boxes
  • CP - Sacrificial (Underground or Water Applications)
  • Remote Monitoring Units (RMU) for Rectifiers, Bonds, Test Stations
  • AC Mitigation (Zinc Ribbon, Copper Cable, Point Grounds)
  • Joint Bonding
    • Test Facilities
    • Test Stations
    • Test Coupons
    • Stationary Reference Electrodes

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