Accurate Corrosion Control Inc.

Accurate Corrosion Control Surveys / Monitoring Services


Accurate Corrosion Control, Inc 'ACCI' Provides its clientele with NACE certified and operator qualified (ISNetworld, Veriforce, NACE) cathodic protection survey professionals. ACCI strives to insure that quality data is gathered and presented in a professional format that meets each of our clients specific needs and time lines. Our survey services can be provided nation wide.

  • Rectifier Monitoring and Cathodic Protection Surveys (Bi-Monthly, Annual, Compliance)
  • Close Interval Surveys (Traffic or Non-Traffic Areas)
    • Interrupted
    • Static
    • Polarization
  • Coating Surveys (New Construction or Existing Pipelines / Tanks)
    • DCVG
    • ACVG and ACCA (PCM)
    • Pearson
    • Holiday Detection
  • Rectifier Influence Studies
  • Depth of Cover Pipeline Surveys
  • Short Location
  • Pipeline Continuity Testing (CCP, PCCP, and DIP Pipelines)
  • CP System Troubleshooting
  • Remote Monitoring Units (RMU)Data Review and Management
  • Soil and Water Corrosively Testing (Resistivity and Chemistry)
  • Isolation Testing (Casings, Facilities, Dielectric Flanges and Fittings)
  • GPS with Sub-Meter or Sub-Foot Accuracy Available with All Surveys

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