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Acetylene cylinders come in a wide variety of sizes but they all have the same characteristic, they contain acetone in a binding medium contained within the cylinder. Acetylene is dissolved into the liquid acetone under pressure when it is filled. Over time and many re-fillings, the cylinder will not pass requalification and must be properly disposed of. As mentioned before, the legal liability is clear and the disposal avenues are limited. Proper disposal is the key.

Our process involves recycling the acetone that is left in every acetylene cylinder before scrapping. Following an initial inspection of the basic integrity of your cylinders by our receiving department, they will be de-valved and fitted with our couplings. The cylinders are then moved into our hot room and connected to a pump-down manifold. The hot room is heated with an in-direct heat source that is intrinsically safe and environmentally friendly. Organics will be removed from the cylinders under a vacuum , acetone will be condensed out and collected downstream for recycling. Process time will be flow-rate controlled to ensure complete removal of organics. Once the organics are removed, the cylinders are sent to a self-contained area where the core's are separated from the metal shells. The metal shells are cut in half and sent out to a metal recycler. The core is sent to a licensed Sub-Title D Landfill for proper disposal.

Documentation will include the following from each scrap acetylene cylinder: Date in, Serial #, Size, Manufacturer, Process date, Tare weight, Start weight, Final weight, Acetone removed from original tare spec., Acetone collected (LB), Acetone collected (GAL.), Acetone shipped out documentation, core material shipped out manifest.

Complete Documentation

  • Date in
  • Serial #, size and manufacturer
  • Process date
  • Tare, start and final weight Acetylene tanks, we also document: Acetone removed and collected Acetone shipped out Core material shipped out manifest

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