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Hann Tucker Associates have considerable expertise in constructing computer and audio models for the purpose of room acoustics and environmental noise prediction.

Room acoustics modelling is the process where, using geometrical acoustics, octave-band echograms are predicted based on a three dimensional CAD model of a room. Frequency dependent material properties (absorption, diffusion, semi-transparency) are assigned to room surfaces and frequency dependent source directivities are assigned to sound sources. From this information echograms and a great number of numerical measures e.g. speech intelligibility and reverberation times can be estimated.

Audio simulations and demonstrations can be used for presenting the subjective difference between various options. Popular demonstrations include presentations of the subjective effects of train noise, including re-radiated noise from the London Undergrounds existing and proposed tunnels. Presentations can also be provided demonstrating acoustic privacy standards within office buildings or similar environments, to illustrate the difference between design options and also the variation with background/services noise climate within the occupied areas.

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