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Vibrocomp is leading expertise and known worldwide for its experience in acoustic research. Our staff, of highly educated Engineers, supports a wide spectrum of customers all over the world. By continuous acoustic and development of our staff we will strengthen our position in Noise and Vibration Control. Vibrocomp founder Bite Plne dr. is a world known acoustic expert and was one of the pioneers in environmental noise and vibration control in the early 1970’s. She dedicates her life to acoustic research in all fields of environmental noise and vibration prediction and mitigation. Vibrocomp co-founder Mr. Istvan Dombi, also world know expert in structural born noise and vibration modeling and mitigation. He dedicates his life to vibration control.

Research on local conditions influencing noise propagation

Vibrocomp ME recently conducted a research on local conditions that influence significantly the noise propagation. Meteorology, atmospheric absorption and ground attenuation typical for the Gulf States have been investigated and modelled. The research consisted of a number short and long term noise monitoring measurements, meteorological data collection and automatic traffic counting. Measurements were carried out at different road types in different built-up areas (free field also). Vibrocomp ME has equipment to carry out short term (1 day to 1 month) and long term (1 month to 1 year) noise measurements, meteorological and traffic data collection. The result is a database on factors influencing the noise propagation

This database is needed as input data for accurate (taking local conditions in account) noise modeling in the GULF.

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