African Circle Pollution Management Limited

ACPM-FZE: Solid Waste Processing Facility


All waste collected in the Western region is processed at our processing plant on Snake Island FZE by African Circle Pollution Management Limited.

The Processing plant is divided intotwo sections; Solid and Liquid waste processing, reccovery and recycling.

The solid waste section is where all domestic waste collected from the vessels are further segregated and processed in order to produce high quality recyclable material. We have a sorting plant where all the waste goes through and is segregated into the various categories; paper, cardboard, plastic, cans, glass bottles, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The Good quality paper and cardboard recovered are bailed neatly using the bailing machine and are shipped off to the recyclers. The plastics are put through the plasic granulator and ground into pellets before being shipped off to be recycled in the plastics industries. The ferrous and non-ferrous cans are compacted and bound before being transported to recyclers.

All other wastes that have been certified 'Contaminated', meaning not fit to be recycled is burnt in the incinerators. The incinerators being fitted with air emmision scrubbers which remove pollutants from the flu gas emitted. The incinerators meet EU and Nigerian environmental emission standards.

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