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Acquisition Support and Due Diligence Services


RCP can identify issues important to the acquisition decision making process (i.e. 'deal-killers', significant compliance gaps, significant future regulatory liabilities/costs, etc.). RCP will evaluate the pipeline's operating and maintenance history, its environment, and other factors to identify any unusual risks or liabilities. This can include, for example, problems identified during previous in-line inspections which have not been corrected.RCP can check the previous operator's documentation to ensure that all the required information is available. And by highlighting any omissions, you will know if the necessary information is available, and if not, can require the previous operator to produce it before the sale takes place. RCP can also ensure that the necessary information is actually located and transferred with the property, and not left behind in the previous operator's files.

Highlights of a typical due diligence project would likely include the following:

  • Jurisdictional determination review of existing pipeline facilities
  • Review of permitting and associated agency notifications
  • Regulatory compliance program reviews, including recordkeeping
  • Develop methodology to revise the existing Pipeline Integrity Management Plan to conform to buyer's requirements
  • Pipeline Integrity Management Plan and recordkeeping review, including utilization of the latest PHMSA audit protocols (if necessary)
  • API 653 inspection and repair reviews
  • Physical inspections of pipeline facilities, as appropriate
  • Employee Qualification and Training Program Assessments
  • Prepare preliminary findings report and review with appropriate buyer's personnel.

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments:
An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is an evaluation of a property and all structures on the property to determine the likelihood of a recognized environmental condition.

RCP professionals have extensive experience in conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) on a wide variety of properties such as: oil and gas facilities, pipe coating facilities, retail gasoline service stations, vacant undeveloped tracts and multi-tenant commercial tracts.

All RCP Phase I ESAs meet or exceed the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1527E Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Services are provided if testing is required at a property to definitively address a recognized environmental condition (contamination) that was identified in the ESA report. Discriminate sampling is conducted to define the suspected contaminants.

RCP can develop sampling plans (which include material sampling media and sampling techniques) for our Phase II projects, and may include: surface soil samples; soil gas sampling; subsurface soil and groundwater samples from borings and monitoring wells; surface water samples; pond sediment sampling; drinking water samples; and, drum and tank sampling.

Fit-For-Purpose Analysis
In some cases, operators are interested in whether potential acquisitions can be converted to another service after the sale is closed. RCP will conduct a fit-for-purpose assessment to determine if the assets and facilities are capable of the new service and what the expected costs will be to convert to a new service. Some of the following items are reviewed during this type of due diligence:

  • As Built Alignment Sheets
  • Maps
  • Right-of-way (Easement) files
  • Survey notes
  • Weld List and NDT Records
  • Corrosion Test Point Records
    • Annual pipe to soil survey
    • Close Interval Survey
  • Valve inspection reports
  • Line survey reports
  • Net value statements
  • Daily pressure profiles
  • Design calculations and documentation
  • Permitting
  • Requisitions or purchase orders for pipe and other components
  • Pipe mill test reports
  • NDT test reports
  • Hydrostatic test reports
  • Welding procedure, qualification and Welder qualification documents
  • Environmental liabilities
  • Pigging
  • Meter stations
  • MAOP

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