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Adaptive Management (AM) is systematic, practical approach to improving resource management policies and practices. It provides a structured process for learning which management actions best meet management objectives, and for reducing resource management uncertainty. In its most effective form, an experimental approach is used to test clearly formulated hypotheses about important, but uncertain, components of a system.

Adaptive Management has been the cornerstone of ESSA’s approach since our inception in 1979. We have undertaken adaptive management projects throughout North America, including in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nebraska, Washington, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, California, and Mexico. ESSA’s adaptive management consulting services include:

  • Expert advice on adaptive management across the AM cycle
  • Independent review of AM plans
  • Developing and implementing AM plans
  • Quantitative decision analysis of alternative actions
  • Screening uncertainties to identify the  most  critical questions
  • Translating these questions into testable hypotheses
  • Detailed spatial monitoring design
  • Design of data analysis and evaluation approaches
  • Workshops with managers, scientists and stakeholders
  • Tailored training sessions on AM best-practice
  • AM policy guidance

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