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As experts in the field of microseismics, ESG invests heavily in R&D to continually extract greater meaning from full-waveform seismic data.  The result is state-of-the-art instrumentation, powerful, customized software and a suite of analytical techniques to better explain rockmass behaviour. ESG’s consulting services are designed to use this expertise to give geotechnical and ground control engineers a higher level of understanding of how a rockmass is responding to stress changes, helping them to improve decisions that impact operations.

Advantages of microseismic consulting services:

Identify geological structures:  Identify and quantify previously unknown geological structures which are being activated within a volume during mining processes.

Source mechanism analysis: Understand the failure mechanisms responsible for seismicity and use this information to perform 3D deformation and stress tensor analysis.

More accurate event relocation: Apply computationally intensive techniques such as double-difference and complex 3D raytracing to select clusters of seismic activity to improve spatial accuracy and resolution.

Temporary portable seismic acquisition: Deploy portable seismic equipment for temporary microseismic acquisition in a targeted zone-of-interest to better characterize the type and magnitude of seismicity and understand how seismicity may impact the site over time.

PPV and source parameter analysis:  Temporal and spatial analysis of a range of parameters including PPV, magnitude, b-value, Es/Ep, apparent stress and source dimension for greater understanding of rockmass behaviour. 

Comprehensive site evaluation:  Optimally designed sensor arrays take into account geological or structural aspects of a site that may impact the transmission of seismic signals, ensuring maximum detection sensitivity and highest quality results.

Calibration: Full system calibration ensures that the microseismic system performs optimally after installation and is configured to record and visualize the data you want.

Customized software development:  ESG’s in-house software development team is able to customize software based on client needs to reflect guidelines, standards or specific client requests.  Over the years, much of our client-directed software customization for data analysis, output or visualization has made its way into yearly standard releases of ESG’s HSS Suite.

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