Wolfgang Mehner GmbH

Wolfgang Mehner GmbH

Advanced Modular Calibration Services


We cover the revision and maintenance of your limit value probes and safety sensors in technical plants. We therefore use the HART communication system.

Our service personnel works thereby with a multifunction calibrator with the following characteristics:

  • electricity, frequency, temperature and pressure
  • ATEX / lEC certification
  • complete HART hand-held terminal
  • modular concept with modifiable area setting
  • the pressure measurement is carried out through exchangeable pressure sensor modules, that can be fixed to the calibrator with a pressure module support, thereby areas of minus 1 bar up to plus 1000 bar (accuracy up to 0,005 % of the final value) can be realised
  • the simulation of the reference pressure of minus 95 % under pressure up to plus 1000 bar is thereby carried out with the pressure station
  • results documentation of the calibration procedure before (As Found) and after (As Left) revision of the completed limit value probes and safety sensors

Application and calibration examples in the device assembly, commissioning and maintenance:

  • at the safety pressure monitoring
  • at the safety temperature monitoring
  • at the conductivity monitoring
  • at the position regulators
  • practical case > measuring, giving of mA, mV. Ohm, Hz, pressure, resistance sensors (RTD) and thermo elements
  • switch, trigger and safety system tests
  • system measure and monitoring

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