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Workplace Safety is a Key Element of Long-Term Company Sustainability; It’s the right thing to do. Enhances employee relations. Contributes significantly to overall company productivity. Can become the cornerstone of a positive corporate culture that emphasizes operational discipline. Reduces financial impact from regulatory fines, workers’ compensation and negative public relations.

UL can help you improve your operational discipline and create a culture of workplace safety through three complementary components. Our consultants work with you to assess your safety environment and createdetailed plans for improvement. Our eLearning helps to convey critical knowledge across the organization. Finally, our software helps you measure and optimize your performance and programs.

UL’s Services Offering Draws on the Company’s 120 Years of Safety Experience

Our EHS experts will assess existing safety culture and work with the entire organization to implement safety-related performance management systems, processes and metrics.

Projects start with an assessment of the existing safety culture using a variety of methods including surveys, in-person interviews, analysis of data & field observations. A gap analysis is created comparing the current safety culture to where the company wants to be in the long run and to our view of “world-class”.

The UL team will then work with leadership to create a detailed improvement plan that drives performance improvement through skill building and implementation of performance management systems.

Finally, UL will work with executive leaders, supervisors, and other employees to create and implement a detailed professional development plan that will foster activity and behaviors that will help build a positive safety culture.

Creating a Sustainable Safety Culture
Creating a successful, long-term safety program requires top leaders to demonstrate active involvement across the employee base. After conducting a comprehensive assessment oo the safety culture, UL works with the executive team to engage their managers, supervisors, and front line employees in order to drive safety awareness and operational discipline from the bottom up. Collectively, the team will implement and drive a safety oriented performance management system composed of the following components:

  • Goals & Plans
  • Safety Policies
  • Accountability
  • Standards & Procedures
  • Communication
  • Skill Building
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Observations and Audits
  • Morale & Motivation to Be Involved
  • EHS Functional Excellence

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