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Aerobic Digesters Services


The cornerstone of the company's services is its Optimization Program for Aerobic Digesters.  The Optimization program provides guaranteed energy savings, biosolids reduction and odor control to wastewater plants that use aerobic digesters to stabilize solids.

The Ennix Optimization Program for Aerobic Digesters is an energy conservation and biosolids management service guaranteed to reduce the cost of biosolids processing and handling.  It is provided as a turnkey service and is funded entirely from customer operating expense savings without any up front fees.

The motivating forces for improving biosolids treatment and disposal are regulatory compliance, cost reduction or insufficient capacity. To help environmental managers meet these needs, Ennix spent years perfecting its Digester Optimization Program for Energy Management and Biosolids Reduction. Targeted at WWTP's with aerobic digesters, this energy conservation and sludge management service is Guaranteed to lower energy, dewatering and disposal costs while significantly reducing volatile solids and pathogens to aid in meeting Part 503 regulations. It is funded entirely from customer operating expense savings without any capital outlay or up front fees. Seven years of documented field history in a broad spectrum of sludge processing and handling configurations prove the program's ability to significantly reduce biosolids production, aeration requirements and ploymer usage while providing odor control, manpower optimization and increased biosolds processing capacity without additional capital investment.


There are powerful benefits to a WWTP when they incorporate the Ennix Digester Optimization Program, including:

  1. Lower energy cost
  2. Reduced disposal cost
  3. Lower dewatering chemical cost
  4. Increased plant solids handling capacity
  5. Reduced maintenance
  6. Alkalinity and pH control
  7. Assured compliance
  8. Greater reliability
  9. The absence of noxious odors and citizen complaints

 The program is easy to implement and operate due to the following features:

  1. Turnkey service program
  2. Funded from the existing budget
  3. No capital expenditures
  4. No up front fees
  5. No risk due to performance guaranteed

 The Service
 Ennix service technicians are on site to implement the program and train operators in operating protocol and program monitoring. Regular service calls are scheduled to continue operator training, monitor results, enhance performance and make any necessary adjustments caused by plant operational changes, system loading or weather events. Periodic written reports are provided that evaluate performance results.
Performance Warranty
 The program is performance warranted so that service fee payments are made only after performance parameters related to ordor, compliance or operational criteria are met and the client has realized specified minimum savings from reduced sludge processing, handling and disposal costs.

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