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With an ever increasing number of passengers and flights (30 million scheduled passenger departures in 2011) global skies are becoming more and more congested, putting extra pressure on existing systems for Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). Currently these systems operate largely in isolation of each other, both between different organizations and even within a single organization, and aren’t able to transfer data between them very well or at all.

IDS offers an integrated suite of net-centric applications and individual solutions for AIS/AIM which aim to provide aeronautical information users with the correct information at the right time and right place and which are compliant with the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept. The SWIM concept is at the center of the FAA’s NextGen program and the European SESAR project and provides improved information sharing both within and between organizations while ensuring that the integrity, quality and security of data is maintained.

IDS’s AIS/AIM Solutions provides a fully integrated solution for the acquisition, management and distribution of static and dynamic aeronautical data. It allows ANSPs and other aeronautical data users to import, validate, process, store and export aeronautical data from external providers (ARINC 424, AIXM 5.1, EAD, etc.) or other applications such as IDS’s FPDAM flight procedure design software or EMACS electromagnetic survey suite. Data workflow is tightly controlled and tracked, ensuring compliance with Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) requirements, from origination to publication in the form of Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs) and Aeronautical Charts, or export to external aeronautical data providers/users.

  • Specific modules provided by IDS are:

    • PLX;
    • Data Maintenance (AeroCatalog, SpecMan, GFeaMan, Repman, Ruleman);
    • CRONOS;
    • Digital Data Distribution;
    • ICE;
    • Aeropub;
    • Ubimex.

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