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Agency Liaison and Expert Witness Services



Complying with the broad array of environmental and health & safety (EHS) laws and regulations is complex and, at times, confusing. Therefore, interaction with regulatory agencies is sometimes necessary.

  • Agency Meetings
    • Project discussions, buy-ins and regulation interpretations
  • Agency Approvals
    • Remedial investigations, cleanups and permitting
  • Environmental Reporting
  • Agency Inspections
    • Inspection participation, providing technical assistance and guidance, and post-inspection follo-up.
  • Notice of Violations, Memorandum of Agreements and Citations
    • Violation clarification, negotiating fines and abatement timelines and methods, and conducting informal and formal conferences

In addition to the above, companies for many different reasons may find themselves as a plaintiff or defendant in an EHS matter. In these cases, an expert witness qualified in the scientific, technical and regulatory issue at hand may be necessary to testify on your behalf. Total Environmental & Safety, LLC's (Total) associates are highly experienced in regulatory agency communications, inspections, post violation processes including formal and informal conferences, contesting violations, and negotiating abatement and agreements. Our knowledge, along with the credibility and trust that we have earned through many years of successful interactions with regulatory agencies allows us the skills and ability to be successful as an agency liaison. Our associates also have extensive industry, regulatory and consulting experience in a wide variety of disciplines that allow us to provide expert witness and litigation support.

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