Air pollution is an environmental issue which puts governments, industry and the general public under pressure. Geoklock’s specialized team undertakes measurements, modelling and evaluations of the impact of atmospheric emissions on the health and well-being of the population, in industrial facilities and residential areas.

The provided services comprise of:

  • Air Emission Source Mapping and Inventory
  • Pollutant Dispersion Mathematic Modelling
  • Engineering Projects and Polluting Process Control
  • Filter System Definition and Engineering
  • Legal Compliance and Environmental Licensing
  • Risk and Emergency Management Program Evaluation
  • Evaluation of the Effects of Alternative Standards on Automotive Emissions
  • Air Quality Trend Statistical Evaluation
  • Calculation and Trading of Carbon Credits
  • Strategic Planning for Municipal, Regional and National Environmental Policies
  • Support to Conflicts Caused by Air Quality Commitment/ Conflict Support in Air Quality cases

Our work involves the development of complex air quality models, including meteorological and statistical data, and when necessary integrated alternatives for mitigation, so as to offer clients a complete overview of the management of their atmospheric emissions.

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