New England Testing Laboratory (NETLAB)

New England Testing Laboratory (NETLAB)


NETLAB performs analysis of air samples for organics, metals and inorganics. We use EPA TO Compendium Methods, EPA IO Compendium Methods, NIOSH Methods, OSHA Methods as well as the Massachusetts Air-Phase Petroleum Hydrocarbons (APH) Method in performing our tests. We provide canisters for EPA TO-14, EPA TO-15 and Massachusetts APH, as well as appropriate media for other analyses. We can provide a variety of data packages and electronic deliverables. We also provide online delivery of reports and EDDs in password protected user web directories.

Several sub-disciplines combine under the general heading of air analysis and, as with water, analytical methods from several regulatory and academic resources are available for determining various parameters in this matrix. Appropriate application of these techniques and evaluation of that applicability is a science in itself. Working with New England Testing Laboratory gives you the advantage of an experienced partner that can help in developing a sound work plan and in interpreting project results.

When using air analysis services it is most important that we discuss the details of your project prior to sampling. In fact, it is best that we assign a specified project manager to your case to be certain that every aspect of our service exceeds the requirements of the task. Please contact us to discuss your project in advance.

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