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Air Dispersion Modeling Service



Advanced Air Dispersion Modeling Services for emergency, planning and permitting situations. GECOsistema performs air and atmospheric dispersion modeling (ADM) for emergency, planning, and permitting situations.

ADM is used to estimate temporally- and spatially-resolved atmospheric concentrations of a chemical by using release, meteorological, and topographical information.

The main goal of GECOsistema is to contribute to the comprehension of the atmospheric environment through the numerical simulation of dispersion and transformation of airborne pollutants. The field of action is the support to local governments and agencies as well as companies in assessing the impact of structures and industrial discharges, managing air quality at local and regional scale, designing control actions and recovery plans in urban and industrial environment.

GECOsistema Air Dispersion Modeling Application regards:

  • Studies and consulting;
  • Development of simulation tools
  • Integration of modeling tools in gis systems
  • Real time pollution control for industrial sites (simdet)
  • Training and research activities
  • Dispersion modeling for: power plants, incinerators of wastes, odour emissions

Release rate estimates are developed by GECOsistema engineers using state-of-the-science algorithms and estimation tools. Meteorological information is obtained through multiple methods (models and monitoring data), and topographical information is included where appropriate.

ADM Models used by GECOsistema are

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