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Environmental Efficiency

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Air emissions from stacks, bag filters and other air emission points can cause health and nuisance problems not only in the locality but sometimes 10's of km away.  Air Dispersion Modelling can predict whether there will be problems with emissions from your site and help explore the effect of various solutions.  Environmental Efficiency has a range of Air Dispersion Models including AERMOD at its disposal to ensure a cost effective solution to satisfy your requirements.  Our staff are fully qualified to undertake such monitoring and have attended the relevant Lakes Environmental training courses.

Where the results from an Air Dispersion model show high concentrations, then the Air Dispersion Model can examine the effect of increasing stack height, increasing gas velocity or other modifications intended to reduce concentrations.

To reduce the cost of air dispersion modelling, Environmental Efficiency can undertake screening exercises.  These are low cost as there is no need to obtain meteorological data.  These can be useful in determining whether the air emissions are significant enough to require air dispersion modelling in detail. 

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