Air - Emissions and Immissions

Emissions and immissions are two key words for assessment of presence of harmful airborne substances, phenomena known as air pollution. The measurement of emis-sions and immissions for controlling air pollution is an important factor for our health. Given the considerable importance of the control of emissions and immissions, their measurement must be carried out in expert laboratories accredited for this purpose. WESSLING Romania has been accredited for measurement of emissions and im-missions according to standards SR EN ISO 17025 and SR CEN/TS 15675.

Test Planning – The base of a valid measurement of emissions and immissions

Together with you – and, if necessary, with the authorities for environmental protection – we shall carry out a correct and obligatory planning prior to monitoring. Such is achieved by means of on-site visits to the prospective testing points. This on-site inspection, documented by us, shall represent the base of the monitoring plan pursuant to standard SR EN 15259, which requires the establishment of all additional measures and exploitation conditions that must be observed during the monitoring process.

 Sampling – Reliable Measurements

Following the old saying that sampling contributes the chief amount of errors, special emphasis is laid on high quality sampling when monitoring emissions and immissions. We offer you an accredited range of measurements for toxic emissions:

  • Dust – automatic isokinetic measurement
  • PM10
  • Metals
  • Total Organic Carbon – TOC
  • Combustion gases (CO,CO2, SO2,NO,NO2;O2)
  • Inorganic gases (ammonium, hydrogen sulphate, acids)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Organic components (PAH, volatiles, etc)
  • Dioxins and furans PCDD/F and PCBs
AST, QAL 2 – Verification of equipment for continuous emissions measurement – Operational safety

Do you have to measure emissions continuously? 

The continuous measurement of different components during emission is carried out in accordance with the legislation (directives, authorizations), or for control of factories. 

Together we shall ensure that the equipment for continuous measurement functions in observance of the requirements provided. 

Periodic calibration of the values measured by means of reference methods shall present you with trustworthy measurement values to uphold your safety.

The Authority for Management of Environmental protection – Transparency and Reliability for Everyone

We can keep in contact on your behalf with the competent authorities. Such service includes all agreements, planning, and testing established with your company. This way, none of the obligatory monitoring phases will be omitted. We can assist you in preparing the approval requests for the functioning of factories.

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