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Your company plans to operate a new industrial process, but you need to calculate air emissions for an air permit application or health risk assessment required by a regulatory agency. Or, you want to know if air emissions will cause smoke or odors that would be a nuisance to your neighbors.

BlueScape will obtain representative air emissions data, utilizing stack testing information, published emission factors, chemical release models, or material balance methods. We utilize reputable stack testing firms familiar with USEPA and local source testing requirements.

Whether needed for auditing purposes, an air permit application, health risk assessment or other enviromental impact study, BlueScape will work with you to develop an acceptable method to calculate air emissions.

When your company must meet these regulation requirements:

  • Federal Title V and PSD air permitting regulations
  • State and local air permitting regulations
  • Periodic state and local emission inventories
  • SARA Form R reporting
  • CEQA and NEPA air quality impact reviews
  • RCRA air toxics emissions inventories

Turn To BlueScape...

We provide the necessary technical services:

  • Compliance source testing and monitoring activities coordination
  • Potential smoke or odor emissions investigation
  • Emission credit banking application development
  • Stationary and mobile source emissions calculations for EIRs
  • Air emission factor development from source test data
  • Emissions calculations using purchase records and waste material information
  • Application of air emissions tools such as CHEMDAT, TANKS3.0
  • Emission inventories for submittal to state and local agencies

We utilize various tools:

Source testing, CHEMDAT, WATER8, TANKS3.0, GlyCalc, MOBILE5.0, EMFAC7G, URBEMIS

We complete emissions inventories that provide vital information for your air quality compliance activities.

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