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Federal and state rules require stationary industrial sources to obtain air permits and install emission control equipment sufficient to meet or maintain regional air quality standards, equipment performance standards, and/or categorical industry emission limits. Emissions testing — which is also known as source testing or stack sampling — is recognized as the most accurate method for determining air emissions and determining source compliance.

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EQ’s Source Test Group is a national leader in environmental source testing. The Group offers experienced, reliable, and independent testing services to clients who need to:

  • Obtain new environmental permits
  • Demonstrate compliance with emission limits in existing permits
  • Determine/verify performance of air pollution control equipment
  • Troubleshoot process control equipment changes
  • Develop emission factors for specific processes

EQ’s Source Test Group has been conducting air emission testing for over 25 years at virtually all types of industrial sources. The Group includes chemical, civil, and environmental engineers who are well versed in all EPA test methodologies and are familiar with permit and compliance issues. They perform all recognized EPA test methods for industrial categories under nearly all temperature, pressure, pollutant concentration, and gas flow conditions, utilizing over 40 different EPA reference methods.

EQ has a comprehensive inventory of continuous emission analyzers, including five total hydrocarbon analyzers and oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides analyzers, as well as all manual method equipment. EQ also provides a mobile emission measurement laboratory as well as an inhouse lab for gravimetric and wet chemistry (titration) analyses, liquid/gas VOC response factor development, and equipment calibration.

Servicing Multiple Industries:

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Steel and coke manufacturing
  • Carbon manufacturing
  • Petroleum refining
  • Automotive
  • Surface coating and printing
  • Ferro alloys
  • Aerospace (military & civilian)
  • Electric power generation
  • Industrial boilers and furnaces
  • Hazardous waste treatment
  • Sewage treatment plants

Air Emissions Testing Services Available

  • Point source emission testing
  • Fugitive emission measurements
  • Confidential R&D and engineering emissions characterization
  • Manual method emissions testing
  • Instrument and continuous emission monitoring compliance testing
  • RCRA trial burn programs
  • Particle size determination and identification
  • Criteria and hazardous air pollutant measurement
  • Test protocol development
  • Equipment performance specification testing
  • Method development & evaluation
  • QA plans and implementation
  • Regulatory agency liaison
  • Data collection for predictive and parametric emissions monitoring programs
  • On-site analysis and draft data summary

Specialized Testing Applications Available

  • Fly ash resistitivity (In-situ)
  • High temp (>1000° F), high moisture content
  • Hazardous (high pressure, toxic gases, etc.)
  • Pollutant stratification
  • Organic speciation and analyzer response factors
  • Extremely large or small ducts
  • Cyclonic flow evaluations
  • High ammonia and/or carbon monoxide concentrations (causing CEM problems)
  • SO2 - SO3 conversion efficiency
  • Multi-site complex testing programs
  • VOC capture/building temporary total enclosures, permanent total enclosure evaluation
  • Process and control equipment optimization

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