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Air filtration in manufacturing and facilities involves removal of oil mist, oily solids, particles and biologicals from air. Industrial and commercial facilities engage HVAC systems to recirculate the air to optimize heating and cooling. Larger facilities are required to maintain the air quality standards set up by safety, health and environmental regulatory agencies. In some cases, the production process requires cleaner air. Air filtration through advanced filtration technologies are required by industries and commercial establishments to maintain the air quality through recirculation.

Typical Challenges for Air Filtration include:

  • Oil and solids particles are very small, requiring small micron filters for filtration
  • Removal of solids creates very high pressure drop
  • Air filters have limited capacity for oil droplets

MYCELX air filtration solutions offer effective removal of oil and oily particles in a single pass and very low pressure drop on saturation. MYCELX air filtration products have a high affinity for oil and oily particles and can effectively remove the oil as well as hydrocarbon-based pollutants before they re-entrain into the plant air or are discharged into the environment.

  • Oil mist removal from plant air
  • Oily particles removal for the metal fabrication industry
  • Oil and hydrocarbon removal from generator exhaust
  • Meet the air quality standards set by OSHA and other regulatory agencies
  • HVAC filters protection from oil fouling
  • Air filtration for pneumatic controls and instruments
  • Air quality maintenance in the hospital and medical industry

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