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Air Permitting Feasibility Services



BlueScape works with you to design a permit feasibility study that helps you understand your air permitting options and the consequence of different options on your company's future operations.

BlueScape assisted a large manufacturer that was planning to shutdown a major plant and wanted to determine where the manufacturing equipment should be moved to continue production. Potential locations were found in both the United States and Mexico. BlueScape provided the company with an analytical report compiled from existing air emissions data for the manufacturing lines and permitting rules for each proposed location. Using information provided by BlueScape, the company was able to cost-effectively complete the air permitting process and move the equipment to two existing plants with major product distribution channels, avoiding the need for expensive control equipment.

When your company has completed the feasibility process, BlueScape will help you to get your permits. Please see the air permitting practice page for more information about these services and related experience.

Is your company considering a new industrial process that could result in increased air emissions? Completing an air permit feasibility study will help you evaluate your permitting needs and facilitate the permit application process:

  • Is a permit required, or is the industrial process exempt?
  • How will emission standards / limits affect company operations?
  • What will the compliance requirements be?
  • Will health risk thresholds be exceeded?

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