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You may have to obtain an air permit before beginning a project that will generate increased air emissions. The city may not allow occupancy of your project until the air permit approval has been secured. A number of costly consequences can result from not understanding the air permitting process and not knowing the right agency people. Permitting delays, loss of exemptions, unnecessary control equipment and source testing costs, and numerous compliance requirements are all issues that will hinder operational flexibility and result in loss of business revenue.

BlueScape focuses on meeting critical timelines and will help you:

  • Get your project off to the right start by recommending ways that you can gain ongoing operational and compliance flexibility.
  • Maneuver quickly through the complicated air permit application process.
  • Develop supplemental emissions and engineering data.
  • Fill out the application forms.
  • Conduct rule and control technology reviews.
  • Interface with key agency staff.
  • Assess air quality impacts and health risks by assessing pollutant dispersion.

When your company must meet these regulation requirements:

  • Minor new source review (state and local air district rules and regulations)
  • Major new source review (federal PSD / Title V)

Turn To BlueScape...

We provide the necessary technical services:

  • Planning feasibility studies / fatal flaw analysis
  • Air emissions estimation
  • Source testing and air monitoring support
  • Rule applicability review; analysis of offsets required
  • Control technology evaluation
  • Air dispersion and visibility modeling
  • Health risk and exposure assessment
  • Variance and public hearing support / presentation
  • Ongoing air compliance management system development
  • Agency liaison, negotiation and application tracking

We utilize various tools:

Emissions estimation software & methods, air dispersion models, regulatory research, health risk assessment software and visibility models.

We help you to successfully navigate through the air permitting process.

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