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Advanced Industrial Resources can help you obtain and maintain air quality permitting for your facility. Whether you are opening a new plant or updating an existing permit, Advanced Industrial Resources can save you time, money, and effort by guiding you through the regulatory process thus allowing you to achieve your business goals within the shortest amount of time possible. Our practice in the industry over the past decade has provided us with invaluable experience and relationships that will greatly benefit your company.

The following is a short list of regulatory issues that we deal with on a daily basis. For more information on any of the following, please Contact AIR today.

  • SIP Permitting - Required by states to which EPA has delegated authority, these permits are sometimes required for small new facilities or modifications to existing facilities. AIR's engineers have developed a cost-effective permitting strategy that, in many cases, allows the avoidance of the most costly and restrictive regulations (such as PSD and NSR), while ensuring operational flexibility for the facility. AIR assembles complete and accurate permit application submittals with a full description of rule applicability to ensure a rapid and favorable review process by the state. We follow up with the regulatory permit engineering department personnel, many of whom we have worked with before, to keep the process moving forward as expeditiously as possible.
  • Title V Permitting - Required by the EPA for most major sources, as well as all NSPS, PSD review sources, and NESHAPS sources. Title V permits are issued for a term of up to five years and must include all applicable CAA requirements, a schedule of compliance and applicable monitoring, and reporting requirements. AIR assembles complete and accurate permit application submittals, including Compliance Assurance Monitoring Plans, dispersion modeling results, and process flow and other necessary drawings and supporting documentation to ensure a rapid and favorable review process. We follow up with the permit engineering, many of whom we have worked with before, to keep the process moving forward as expeditiously as possible.
  • Dispersion Modeling - The atmospheric dispersion of pollutants depends on a variety of factors, including the physical and chemical nature of the effluents, the meteorological characteristics of the environment, the location of the emission point with relation to obstructions, and the nature of the terrain downwind of the emission point. Our professional engineers and scientists employ state-of-the-art air dispersion modeling techniques and software that have gained wide regulatory acceptance, including SCREEN, ISCST, CalPuff, AerMod, Slab and others. Completed reports include the necessary technical detail that ensures rapid review and acceptance by regulators, while providing clear and understandable results for facility decision-makers.
  • MACT Compliance Plans - MACT, or Maximum Achievable Control Technology, is defined as the average emission limitation achieved in practice by the best performing 12 percent of the existing sources in that category. Many of the MACT standards require compliance plans, including Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring (OM&M) Plans and Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction (SS&M) Plans. AIR has developed many plans for facilities that ensure compliance, minimize monitoring costs and burdens, and maximize operational flexibility.
  • Air Emissions Inventories - The Air Emissions Inventory Program is designed to supply states and EPA with emissions data for modeling purposes. It is comprised of a list of each of the facility's emission points and emissions information, using government compiled numerical factors to calculate the actual emissions. We have assisted hundreds of industries in various fields with the emissions inventory. For more information, please contact us.

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