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Air Permitting Services

Because RCP has a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory process, we can keep your project on track by helping secure the permits you need, in the time frame you need them. We'll also work to get the fairest possible terms and conditions, and to minimize the impact of special permit limitations.

Whether your facility is simple or complex, RCP can take care of all your air permitting needs. Our services include:

  • Initial permitting analysis and strategy
  • Permit application and follow-up
  • Permit compliance systems and training
  • Reporting and recordkeeping

Initial permitting analysis and strategy
The facility design phase can be the most critical time to begin working the air permit issues. What regulations will apply to this facility, and what are the critical emissions 'trigger' levels that could cause this facility to be regulated more severely? What emissions can be expected from this facility as currently designed, and what control alternatives are available? What is the accepted Best Available Control Technology for this process? Are there special restrictions associated with the proposed facility location that would not apply at an alternative location? What is the permitting history of this site, and what grandfather conditions may currently exist (or be in jeopardy)? RCP can help you work through these and other issues at this critical stage of your project's life . . . before the major dollars are spent.

Permit application and follow up
In most cases, the facility construction cannot begin until the air permit is approved. Once the facility design is established and operating plans have been developed, the permit approval frequently becomes THE critical path item for the project. RCP's experts can work in conjunction with your facility design and operations teams, to have a high quality air permit application ready to go ASAP after the critical operating parameters have been established. Our air permitting professionals are skilled at taking the complex calculations involved in air permit applications, and presenting them in a logical and orderly fashion. This clarifies the calculation methodologies used in the application, and enables the regulatory agencies to review the application more quickly and with fewer questions. We steward the application through the regulatory agencies, to ensure that their needs are met and that the application doesn't get bogged down during the review process. The net result is a permit for your facility in the least possible amount of time.

Permit compliance systems and training
Modern permits require that the company management 'certify' that they are operating in compliance with the permit conditions. An air permit is a complex document, incorporating a myriad of other requirements 'by reference.' How does a manager know that the facility is actually in compliance with these requirements? By developing a comprehensive permit compliance system, and training their employees on how to use it.

Reporting and recordkeeping
RCP is skilled at developing compliance guidance documents that explain all the associated requirements in layman's terms. This includes issues such as reporting and recordkeeping, incident reporting, special reporting requirements, equipment inspection requirements and schedules, personal and group responsibilities, and documentation systems. We provide standard forms that address all of the reporting and documentation requirements, and give you an organized file system to maintain this critical documentation. The final system is easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

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