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Air Pollution Control


Permit or licensing procedures governed by the Air-Pollution Control Act are highly complex, involving investigation of all possible environmental-engineering concerns within the scope of the procedure in the interests of both the applicant and the general public. A permit or license as per the Air-Pollution Control Act (BImSchG) is thus a process of consolidation, i.e. it embraces all other required permits, approvals or licenses, etc. under public law (with a few exceptions).

Without professional assistance, this may prove a costly, time-consuming and troublesome business!

Scheduled production targets and commissioning dates may be jeopardized, resulting in major business damage.
When is a permit or licensing procedure needed?

Permits or licenses, for example as per the Federal Air-Pollution Control Act (BImSchG), are mandatory for many municipal and industrial projects. The projects in question are identifi ed in the Annex to the 4th Air-Pollution-Control Ordinance (BImSchV).

TÜV SÜD offers

  • Consultancy on statutory provisions as per BImSchG or EU Law governing plant construction, operation and shutdown
  • Clarification of the permit or licensing situation
  • Assistance in selecting a suitable site
  • Preparation and moderation of scoping dates
  • Preparation of environmental impact studies
  • Performance of all measurements and preparation of all expert reports required for the permit or licensing procedure (e.g. measurement of existing pollution loads, mapping, opinions on fl ora and fauna, expert reports on soil conditions)
  • Preparation of applications for the modification and permit or licensing of plants governed by the 4th BImSchV
  • Consultancy on realization of the state of the art, energy utilization and energy savings
  • Ongoing support during the permit or licensing procedure through assessment of objections, assistance in discussions and hearings, mediation (external administrative aid)
  • Review of licensing or permit notification
  • Ongoing support and deadline tracking after plant completion

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