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Air pollution has remained one of the main concerns in the past decades. Air Pollution has serious impacts on public health, ecology and causes general deterioration of substances. Several measures have been taken by governmental organizations and public sector to reduce the pollutants released to the atmosphere. Air Pollution Control Monitoring has gained immense importance in the field of Air pollution mitigation and control.  Research programs to develop innovative technology to monitor the concentration of pollutants in the air are prevalent and encouraged all over the world. Air Pollution control monitoring is required to maintain optimum air quality for human beings and ecosystems. It is also required to improve air quality in distress areas.

We at Chokhavatia Associates have recognized the need for air pollution prevention. We have successfully taken up projects of Air Pollution Control Monitoring for different organizations. We provide monitoring services for effluent gas streams generated by various industries. To monitor ambient air quality and effluent gases efficient gas sensing devices are required .We design monitoring equipments to monitor the opacity of effluent gas stream, to examine large particles and to check ambient air quality. We also optimize instruments used for continuous air monitoring. We design sensitive sensors for pollutant gases such as CO, NO, NO2, O3, SO2, hydrocarbons, etc.

At Chokhavatia Associates we believe in offering our clients with custom made Air Pollution Control Monitoring systems which are cost effective. We design both automatic and non-automatic devices as per our clients’ requirements. Our air pollution control and monitoring equipments provide accurate data which can used to develop preventive techniques. Our aim is to design and engineer systems with new generation technology and to ensure that our detectors and sensors are light weight, accessible and affordable.

Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in monitoring air pollution with the latest and appropriate technologies. We provide monitoring services to various enterprises and organizations. We help in establishing an efficient air quality monitoring and data reporting system. Our trained professionals also suggest different ways to mitigate air pollution. Our designed air Pollution control monitoring equipments are put up for long service use, are technically proven and economically viable to operate.

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