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Air Quality and Emissions



Air quality regulations and standards are becoming more stringent. Our team offers technical expertise and customized solutions to improve outdoor air quality, to reduce pollutant sources and emissions, to protect the surrounding environment and to avoid adverse health effects for the local community. Our expert solutions are used by small and large industries to ensure regulatory compliance and worker protection with a planned approach that includes the reduction of toxic chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), fugitive dust and fumes, and odors.

Our expertise in indoor air quality allows property owners and employers in the public and commercial sectors an advantage if they are known to offer a healthy and comfortable environment for the occupants and the public. Our knowledgeable team assess an ever-increasing list of indoor contaminants, such as asbestos fibers, radon, volatile organic compounds, dust, fungi and bacteria, chemicals and odors. Our client focused solutions reduce the contaminants at the source to provide an acceptable indoor environment for schools, public buildings, hospitals, institutions and commercial buildings. Our LEED accredited professionals are able to find innovative methods to achieve LEED certification and maintain an outstanding indoor air quality for certified LEED buildings.

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