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Air Quality Assessment and Management Services


Companies are required to provide information on impact of their activities on air quality, both during an EIA procedure and while preparing an application for a permit for the performance of A and B category polluting activity.  In line with the European Union directives, ELLE began to use the advanced air pollution dispersion modelling programme (ADMS), developed by the Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC) already in 2000. Since 2003, ELLE is providing expert services related to air quality assessment and management.

ELLE has both – sufficient expertise, as well as an state of the art software enabling ELLE experts to draw up long-term action programmes aimed at reducing air pollution levels and improvement of air quality for those areas where there is a risk that standards are or might be exceeded as identified in the air quality assessment reports.

Through development of the air quality management system in Latvia and Lithuania ELLE has gained substantial experience and knowledge which allow the company to offer training programmes, seminars and workshops in the field of air pollution reduction and air quality management.

Unpleasant odour is the most fundamental problem for many companies representing various fields. This issue is especially topical for industrial facilities, both new and existing ones. In many cases odours make people, living in the vicinity, feel uneasy, therefore the operators in cooperation with local authority ought to develop an action programme to prevent odour disturbances.

Detecting the odour concentration is one of the first steps to be taken in this case. Only approved air pollution dispersion modelling software, including ADMS software, can be used to assess odour concentration levels. ELLE experts use this software to make assessment of odour nuisance from different industrial facilities, as well as to evaluate the odour-related problems from the local authority perspective. ELLE develops emission limit values for stationary pollution sources for A and B category polluting activities, pollutant emissions from which cause or are likely to cause odour nuisance.

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