Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC)

Air Quality Forecasting Services


CERC provides air quality forecasting services at the urban and local scale, including very high resolution online air quality forecast maps, and air quality alerts to the public by SMS/text message, voicemail, e-mail, smartphone apps and Twitter. The forecasting system combines local data on traffic patterns, weather forecasts and forecasts of atmospheric composition from providers such as CAMS. These data are input to the ADMS-Urban pollution dispersion modelling system, which gives concentrations at a high degree of spatial resolution across a city. The system can also provide comprehensive health forecasts, including heatwave and cold weather alerting and pollen and UV forecasts.

ADMS-Forecast systems are currently deployed in the United Kingdom (London airTEXT), Hungary (Budapest), Spain (Barcelona) and China (Beijing). Our French partner Numtech provide air quality forecasts using ADMS-Urban for about twenty French cities, Dubai and Casablanca.

Previous clients have included Vienna in Austria, and the following UK locations: Wakefield, Liverpool, Sheffield and York.

We can provide air quality forecasts for you or you can operate our ADMS-Forecast system yourself.

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