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Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment Services

The assessment of air quality is the first step to define an articulated strategy finalized to the management of the single criticalities.Such evaluation is structured, according to the current regulations, as based on the information inferred by the survey nets, the measuring sessions, as well as by the inventory of the emissive sources, both static and dynamic, and by the employment of models certified by agencies, bodies or other scientific institutions recognized by the Governments at national or international level or validated according to documented procedures.

The knowledge of the mechanisms of transport and diffusion of the pollutants in the atmosphere is a fundamental premise for relating emissions and air pollution, and therefore for the choice of the technical parameters characterizing the emitting sources to be addressed.The systems of environmental monitoring represent the essential tool both for urban traffic pollution analysis and control and for the monitoring of industrial installations' polluting emissions.

VDP addresses the monitoring issue by developing integrated systems apt to satisfy complex and dynamic issues.V.D.P. S.r.l. addresses the study of the industrial and urban pollution phenomena, either assembled or diffused, in order to calculate the concentrations in air produced by the emissions of pollutants by various sources. By knowledge of the entities, the conditions of the emissions and the meteorological and anemographic conditions, VDP's technicians, through the use of specific simulation models, are able to forecast the value in time and space of the pollutant's concentration at ground level.                                                              
The greatest experience in this field was acquired studying the pollution related to transportation, in the urban and extra-urban contexts; in the latter VDP's managers participated to the editing of a model of atmospheric pollution due to motorway traffic, with setting performed in experimental surveys and relative publications in the most important trade journals of this field.The managers, being members of Boards and technical-scientific Committees, are in contact with the most qualified institutions and with Italian and international databases (EPA, FHWA, etc.) in the preparation and adaptation of the various regulatory aspects. Nowadays VDP has a mobile laboratory of automatic analysis for the continuing monitoring of air pollution (LA.M.A.), consisting of a single unity devoted to survey operations. The mobile station has diversified equipments for each pollutant typology, allowing both to optimize the field activities and to pursue specific aims of continuous improvement finalized to the customer satisfaction.The use of the mobile labs for investigation of the pollutants' concentrations and the most common meteorological parameters represents an effective, reliable and supple solution for the regulatory applications.

The most frequent configuration of such type of stations devoted to surveys of air quality, in urban, industrial and rural areas, provides for the following list of analysers and equipments to meet the legislative specifications in terms of validation of the sampled data:

  • System of polluting gas sampling;
  • Dusts analyser (thin particulate and overall);                                   
  • Gravimetric sampler;
  • Sulphur dioxide analyser;
  • Nitrogen oxides analyser;
  • Carbon monoxide analyser;
  • Ozone analyser;
  • Benzene, Toluene and Xylene analyser;
  • Weather report station;
  • Instruments adjusting system;
  • Acquisition system.       

Moreover, the mobile laboratory is equipped with a series of pointers for the detection of anomalies, which can be useful to the technicians in order to choose whether to validate the data or not, and a series of devices to guarantee the maintenance of constant measurement conditions in presence of varying external climatic conditions (e.g. two air-conditioners for keeping the inside temperature within the range established by law).

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