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Air Quality Monitoring Service


Management of indoor air quality can significantly enhance the health and comfort condition of the people who live, shop, learn or work within the built environment. Poor indoor air quality may result in the following conditions: Recurring respiratory health issues. Increased absenteeism and significantly reduced workplace productivity. In addition to this mould damage to building fabric, damage to IT systems et all can have a detrimental affect on business profitability

Laser Air Particle Counting & Analysis
Using next generation particle cutting technology we can bring to your premises a premium level of analysis and recording at very cost effective rates. Either hand held instantaneous point of use measurement, bench top data collection systems or fixed counting installations by using remote networks, we endeavor to provide the best technical solution for you.

Air Quality Monitoring
A general Indoor Air Quality Assessment will consist of :

  • Measurement of thermal comfort, which incorporates air temperature, relative humidity and air velocities.
  • Carbon dioxide and monoxide levels within the working environment
  • Toxic gases such as ozone and formaldehyde.

Fungal, Spore and Mould Testing & Analysis
We can carry out field sampling for common fungal and mould spores with reference to CIBSE TM26 guidance either by DIP or plate using multi impactors. This s backed up by a full range of UKAS accredited laboratory support, which we can call upon as and when required. Our field sampling and culturing facility gives us early warning of problem areas and thus speeds up resolution of our client's issues.

Quantative Testing - To determine the TVC levels of airborne moulds, spores and fungi
Quantative Testing - If the TVC count is high and species verification is requires

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