Air Quality, Noise and Vibration Characterization Service



The increase in atmospheric emissions from industrial and human sources has led to ever-increasing atmospheric pollutant levels. SNC-Lavalin Inc., Environment Division (SLE) has maintained a close working relationship with the public and the industrial sectors, helping it to acquire sound expertise in air quality. For the past 20 years, SLE has placed special emphasis on strategic planning and developing innovative solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs over the short and long term. SLE employs over 50 air quality specialists, including engineers, meteorologists, environment and climate change specialists and air sampling specialists. In addition, our software and database developers create innovative tools with the help of our air quality specialists, to meet today’s ever-growing needs.

Whether you require a permit, assurance that your company meets the required regulations, or simply guidance in using a proactive approach while meeting your budget and timetable needs, our multidisciplinary team can help you achieve your objectives.

Our mobile laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, are employed in studies to characterize, quantify and monitor environmental, industrial and airport air quality, noise and vibration exposure. Furthermore, a wide range of complex operational sources and processes can be modeled in noise propagation simulations or air dispersion studies to develop practical and viable solutions, compliance plans and mitigation measures. Indoor and outdoor environments can be assessed and compared to current standards, regulations and health and safety practices.

In the industrial workplace, noise has long been recognized as a potential threat to workers' hearing. With noise sources constantly increasing in today's environment, noise can become harmful to the well-being of the public at large. Impacts on human mental and physical health can often be attributed to noise pollution and, as a result, noise control is a critical challenge.

SNC-Lavalin Environment has been active in the noise control and vibration field for more than 20 years, participating in studies evaluating health in the workplace, noise transmission in residential buildings, and the impact of environmental noise on populations. Our company has the expertise and the necessary tools to identify disruptive noise sources and propose practical and economically viable solutions that meet your expectations. Our professional acoustic team is supported by SNC-Lavalin's vast range of multidisciplinary expertise covering all aspects of a project.

Air Quality:

  • Characterization of emission sources
  • Characterization of ambient air and development of monitoring programs
  • Emission inventories
  • Air dispersion modeling
  • Air quality impact assessment
  • Management and evaluation of fugitive emissions
  • Toxicological and technological risk studies
  • Corrective measures: evaluation and implementation
  • Software and database development
  • Indoor air quality assessment
  • Characterization and dispersion of odours
  • Training and audits
  • Expert witness


  • Noise monitoring (sound pressure level, worker exposure, intensity)
  • Compliance analysis to applicable standards
  • Modelling (indoor noise and environmental)
  • Evaluation of noise control alternatives and associated costs
  • Engineering of mitigation measures, implementation and on-site product acceptance testing
  • Environmental evaluation
  • Inspection and follow-up
  • Training
  • Expert witness


  • Seismic measurement (blasting)
  • Vibration impact (annoyance, building integrity)

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